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Xinye plastic pet toys, as a new industry in China, is one of the toy production enterprises with a wide range of plastic pet toys, relying on the market development demand, combining its own industry advantages and coordinating development and production. Hundreds of models and types as well as dozens of series products have been developed and produced for customers to choose.

Xinye cotton rope series pet toys are all made of colored cotton rope and pure white high quality cotton rope. The rope bone is knotted by machine or hand. It will not be easily bitten or disassembled by pets. The cotton rope is edible and can clean the intestines and stomach of dogs. It also has the function of cleaning teeth. Pet cotton rope toys can replace the feeling of piers and slippers at both ends of the twin knotted cotton rope toys, making pets particularly fond of tearing, helping the healthy development of pet teeth and gums, while avoiding pets destroying furniture, shoes and other supplies. Special shaped pet cotton rope toys, add many grips and other accessories, can improve the fun, more suitable for owners and pets to play together. Healthy gnawing toys help the healthy development of pet teeth and gums! Why should we prepare a pet toy for dogs? What kind of pet toys are suitable for your dogs? Pet toys are mainly to avoid damage to the environment and reduce the loneliness of dogs.

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