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Do you understand the influence of post-95 consumer groups on pet products market?

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At present, the post-95 group has become the largest group. But many pet merchants still operate in a self-styled way, totally losing their ability to please young people and facing the dilemma of large flow loss. We must understand the business logic of post-95 groups in order to occupy business opportunities and not be eliminated.

1. We should not underestimate the influence of post-95

The oldest group just entered the society, while the youngest group went to elementary school. Don't think that their income is low and their consumption power is limited. On the contrary, because of the rich experience of the original environment of the Internet, the youngest group can participate in the decision-making of the purchase of large family items. Some data show that the family expenditure after 1995 is far higher than their own expenditure. The implication behind consumption decision-making is multidimensional. It is these factors that invisibly reshape the consumption pattern of this era to express life attitude, show fashion concepts, pursue scientific and technological myths and so on. Therefore, pet products should gradually develop in these directions.

2. post-95, they prefer physical stores to online shopping.

In the Internet era, post-95 and post-85 are different, they prefer physical stores, and pay more attention to the experience consumption of O2 O. Data show that after 1995, the proportion of shopping in physical stores is significantly higher than online shopping. But when shopping in physical stores, they will use mobile phones to compare prices online, thus blurring the boundaries of offline. Therefore, the owners of pet products stores should grasp the sales mode of physical stores and online stores.

3. post-95, they prefer to be alone with their pets.

Since 1995, they have clear self-perception, and they are more likely to pursue individualized, unique and scarce products and brands. The lack of companionship of young people is more willing to transfer the demand to pets, and "poodle" has become a daily life after 95. Therefore, strange and personalized pet products will be the future trend of pet products stores.

4. post-95, New Hot Points of Consumption are Emerging

After September 25, 2020, it will become the largest consumer group in the world. With the advent of diversified and personalized products and services, the increase of purchasing power after 1995 is expected to generate new consumer hotspots, such as new retail, pets, games and so on. Whether the network is fast, convenient and perfect experience is the pursuit of post-95. Therefore, when purchasing power rises after 1995, pet goods merchants must promote new consumption forms and experiences, thus driving a new wave of consumption.

With the continuous changes of the times, pet goods merchants must cater to the needs of the contemporary population in order not to be eliminated by the times. Steadfastness and self-esteem will only be eliminated by society.

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