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What are the major categories of dogs?

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Classification of dogs:

First of all, dogs are divided into several categories, and the standards of different countries are different. Here I use the British standard. Dogs are divided into working dogs, ornamental dogs, single hounds, group hounds, shepherds and even dogs.

Working dogs are generally smart, trained and obedient. It has practical value.

Ornamental dogs, generally speaking, are more beautiful, but without brains, it is difficult to train, poor obedience, but very close to the owner.

Single hounds are usually very intelligent, energetic and mobile. Training is also good, strong obedience. Most of them are beautiful.

Cluster hounds are usually very smart, very energetic, very active and greedy. Can't train (although smart, but self-restraint is poor). Very close to the owner, but go out do not listen to the password. Most of them are beautiful.

Shepherd dog, very smart, very energetic, most can be trained, obedience is very strong. I am very attached to my master.

More dogs, very smart, active, like to dig holes. No training, poor obedience. Not very close to the host.

Above all, there are exceptions. Following is the introduction of common varieties.

Shepherd dogs;

Scottish shepherd dog; mostly gentle and trainable. Very obedient to the host. Take out without causing trouble, two years ago by the dog market blindly speculated high prices. Now that it's falling, it's time to buy. The disadvantage is that you can't look after your home.

Happy Shepherd Dog; timid, intelligent and trainable. I don't like people other than my master. Will watch the house. Like to cry.

Old-fashioned English shepherd dog; gentle and generous and trainable. It's very good for anyone. I don't make trouble when I go out. I can adapt to it everywhere. No housekeeping.

German Shepherd: A misunderstood dog! Stable personality, very good training. He is very attached to his master. You can do everything you can for your master. If you go out without causing trouble (if you are a purebred dog, and often go out), you will watch the house.

Working dogs

Doberman; alert and well trained. Be obedient to your master and see your home. It's dangerous to go out (no problem if you've trained) and it's a little screaming.

Rowana Dog; ferocious, well trained, obedient to the owner and able to see the home. It's dangerous to go out. Training can solve this problem.

Pitt dog; ferocious and untrained. He is gentle to his master and dislikes strangers very much. Be careful when you go out! There aren't many big dogs with heads. Unless you want to fight a dog or attack someone or a dog. Of course you can see home.

Boxer dog; stable personality. It can be trained. Be obedient to your master. It's dangerous to go out. It's not for people, it's for other dogs. Look at home. I like barking very much.

Husky: Seeing this dog reminds me of Sumu a few years ago! The market blindly speculates about dog breeds. Except for being beautiful, it has no merits. It's very clever, but it can't be trained. I like to scream. Obedience to the master is general. I like everyone, so I can't watch the house. There is no danger in going out.

Samoye: Together with Husky.

French bulldog; very clever, but basic training. The character is fierce. It's dangerous to go out (fortunately it's small). Like the master, not close to others. Look at home, like to call.

British bulldog; general-minded and not easy to train. Character is a little fierce. It's dangerous to go out. Not close to others. Look at home. Great Dane: Very smart and well trained. Stable personality. Obedience to the master. It's safe to go out. Like to contact people or dogs, you can see the home. (Looking at the image, Hudan is the most expensive, followed by Jindan, Heidan, Madan, Baidan, and Huadan)

A Saint Bernard; very intelligent and able to train. Good obedience to the master. It's safe to go out. Look at home.

Great white bear dog; same as St. Bernard.

Single hounds;

Golden Retriever; very clever, active and trained. Attachment to the master. It's safe to go out. Like other people and dogs. But not housekeeping

Labrador; the same golden retriever.

British pointer dog; very clever and able to basic training. (Don't be too demanding). It's safe to go out. I like other people and dogs. No housekeeping. Like to scream.

Giant poodle; very clever and well trained. Good obedience to the master and safe going out. Look at home. Mini poodle; very smart, trainable, obedient. It's safe to go out. You can't watch the house.

Intestinal dog, very clever, unable to train, poor obedience. Easy to attack others and dogs. Look at home. Gluttonous.

Bajido Dog: Very smart, never trainable, obedience equal to zero! Safe going out, like other people and dogs. Very greedy. You can't watch the house.

Migro (Beagle): Bajido

Bloodhound; very clever and basic training (not too demanding). Poor compliance! It's safe to go out. You like other people and dogs, but you can't watch the house.

Afghan dog; very smart, untrained, very poor obedience! It's safe to go out and attack small dogs. You can't watch the house.

Lingti; basically with Afghan dogs

Ornamental dogs;

Beijing Dog: Stupid, unable to train. Compliance is OK. Basic safety for going out. Look at home.

Toy poodle: very clever, basic training, good obedience. It's safe to go out. No housekeeping. He is very attached to his master.

Chihuahua Dog: Brain, training is impossible! Compliance is equal to zero. Will watch the house.

Deer Dog: Basically the same as Chihuahua Dog

Bomei Dog: Basically the same as Chihuahua Dog

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