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Do you understand dogs? Who knows whether to wear pet clothes or not?

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In view of emotional sustenance, more and more people in cities are starting to keep dogs, and various pet dogs can be seen everywhere in the streets and alleys. Dog owners will keep dogs as children, and will give them the best material conditions. When it gets cold, they will wear pet clothes. Even some dogs have more pet clothes than children. Does that mean they love them? No, keep a dog, to understand the dog, that is the real love dog!

Each breed of dog has different characteristics. How do you judge that dogs need to wear pet clothes? Judging by their own body temperature, or seeing other dogs wear, their dogs also follow the wind to wear it? Actually, do you understand dogs? If you don't understand, let's score the dogs and see if they really need to wear pet clothes.


Long hair, very thick + 1 point

The hair is short and sparse - 1 point.

The wool is not long or short.


Dogs are fat + 1 point

The dog is very thin - 1 point

Dog Body Shape Symmetrical 0 Points


Dog activity is high + 1

Dogs are lazy and sleepy - 1 point


Dogs can go to the sofa/bed + 1 point

Dogs are not allowed to go to the sofa/bed - 1 point


Dog's kennel at home + 1 point

No kennel at home - 1 point


My dog is healthy + 1

My dog is sick (or physiological period) - 1 point


The temperature in my place is above 20 degrees plus one minute.

The temperature in my place is between 10 and 20 degrees centigrade.

The temperature in my place is below 10 degrees centigrade - 1 centigrade.

The temperature in my place is below zero - 2 cents.


My home has floor heating + 5 points

My home has air conditioning plus 3 points

There's nothing in my family. - 1 point

What about?

How many points does your dog get?

Generally speaking,

Dogs are not recommended to wear pet clothes for more than 5 points.

0-5 points can choose some thinner pet clothes to wear.

- 3-0 points suggest adding medium-thickness pet clothes.

- In addition to adding pet clothes, it is also recommended to improve the dog's living environment (such as a thicker nest).

However, it is suggested that when choosing pet clothes for dogs, it is necessary to measure the "three circumferences" before choosing clothes that are too tight. Some pure cotton and wool fabrics should be selected to reduce the damage of static electricity to dog fur. To understand it, that is the real love it!

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