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Learn these management tips, pet stores make you laugh

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Learn these management tips. At present, pet products stores have a very promising market prospects. Along with the situation, they have just opened a pet products store. When they see other people making money, they have to lose monthly rent. What should we do? Learn these management tips and your pet store will not be afraid of losing business!

Timely replenishment of out-of-stock pet supplies

Shortage is the enemy of business", which is a jargon in retail industry. Out of stock will make the customer's demand can't be satisfied immediately, which will lead to the loss of customers. If pet stores are often out of stock, customers will be lost and turnover will naturally fall sharply. Studies have shown that 3% shortage of pet stores will affect 1% of sales. Imagine the impact of shortage on store performance. Therefore, timely replenishment and effective control of the shortage rate are the key tasks for the boss to manage commodities.

Grasp the Freshness of Pet Products

The owner of a pet shop needs to manage the freshness of the goods. In pet stores, pet food and pet snacks as the main commodities, in strict accordance with the first in first out (first in warehouse first out) principle, prohibit the emergence of expired products. Not only that, but also the key point of commodity management is how to make goods sold to customers in a fresh state from manufacturer to warehouse and then to pet shop, so as to minimize the loss.

Increase net profit while reducing consumption of pet products

Competition in the pet industry is extremely fierce, and the level of wear and tear has become the main key to profitability, as well as a very important part of throttling management. Loss is often caused by incorrect purchasing, customer theft, improper handling of employees, excessive scrap, wrong pricing, unreal pricing and so on. This is an important job for pet goods stores to manage and control. Bosses must pay attention to and improve these management loopholes. Reducing wastage is to increase net profit.

Use the advantages of pet products to actively display

Mainly how to cooperate with seasonal and festival themes to do a good job of promotion activities, to show the quality, quantity, relevance and activity of goods, so as to speed up the sales of goods, is the embodiment of the management level of the boss. Make you laugh!

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