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Walking dogs in five dangerous areas should be well tied to pet traction rope, do not touch!

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More than 10 years ago, the "local dog" was basically free-range. Dogs like to sneak anywhere to play, and it is relatively safe. In recent years, more and more people have pet dogs. Dogs are trapped in their homes. They go for a regular walk every day to let their dogs urinate and defecate while consuming their energy, so as to avoid the possibility of passing and defecating at home and dismantling their homes. However, now walking a dog must be tied to a pet's leash, because there are dangers everywhere. If you're not careful, the dog will be gone.

Top.5 garbage

Dogs with a keen sense of smell like turning over garbage. They can't distinguish between good and bad garbage. But nobody knows what dangerous food, nails, glass residue, insects are hidden in the garbage. It's possible to accidentally eat a bad stomach or get hurt by sharp tools. So when the shit shoveler walks the dog outside, he really dares not relax for a moment. He should tie the pet's lead rope and the dog's dog. Stop as soon as action is taken.

Top.4 car

Many shovel officers like to walk their dogs in public places such as parks and squares. But before they reach these places, a car will drive past them. Especially when crossing the road, they must hold on to the pet's traction rope tightly. They can't let the dog run around, otherwise, the dog may be knocked down by the car.

Top.3 "Fear" Party

For shit shovelers, dogs are their love, but some people will be very afraid to see dogs, will jump, scream, run, cry and so on, so don't tie the pet rope, try not to crowded into crowded places, avoid pedestrians as far as possible.

Top.2 Pelted Dog

Dogs'emotions are really hard to touch. They rush to other people, sometimes they don't want to go out, and they don't want to go home. The firewood dog is the representative who refuses to go home and become popular on the Internet. So it's necessary to tie up the pet's traction rope. At least you can drag it back without holding it.

Top.1 dog without leash

A dangerous dog is a dog without a leash, whether it's a dog from someone else's house or a stray dog. If you don't tie your pet's traction rope to stop it immediately, it may also cause conflicts between people.

Walking dogs is dangerous for dogs. It is necessary to tie the pet's traction rope to strengthen prevention, so as to really protect the dogs. Love it, please treat it civilly.

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