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On the Importance of Keeping a Pet's Traction Rope in a Civilized Way

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Why does everyone advocate civilized dog raising nowadays? In recent years, more and more people keep dogs. Many people's uncivilized dog-keeping behavior leads to more and more direct contradictions between people and people. It also leads to many people's misunderstanding of pets, which leads to the "poisonous dog" incident. This is a dead cycle, and your uncivilized behavior will eventually be paid by your dog. Therefore, we should keep dogs civilized, starting with a good leash of pet traction rope.

When walking a dog in public, tie your pet's leash

If the dog is not tied up properly when walking, the dog will probably be frightened and rush out of the road, causing life danger. If the dog without the tie has an accident, the driver has no responsibility, and the owner of the dog will bear the responsibility.

There are always some people who are afraid of dogs when they are young. When they see a dog without a leash rope, they may be frightened to scream or run away. This will make the dog more excited and bark after the dog. Seriously, they will rush up and bite directly. It is not excluded that some dogs will directly act as servants and bites people.

"Poisonous dog" thing may happen again, for the dog owners are very scared, what if one day their dogs mistakenly eat the "poison"? Therefore, it is very important to tie the pet traction rope, which can be stopped in time.

The elevator is a narrow and airtight space. The screams of frightened passers-by can easily cause sudden reflexes from dogs and attack others. Therefore, dogs should wear special mouth muffs for pets, and firmly hold the pet traction rope to avoid injury. If you find someone else before making an elevator, you'd better let the other person go first. If you can avoid it, you can avoid it.

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